Our Properties

Our Properties

Your story starts here.

Located on Rua Ivens, one of Chiado neighborhood’s most emblematic streets, Dear Lisbon Palace Chiado is an especially iconic building. Keeping the elegance of its original design and structure, the former palace of the Viscondes de Loures also houses the Grémio Literário, an historical Lisbon institution.

Your home away from home.

Located in the Santa Catarina neighborhood, one of the city’s most typical areas, Dear Lisbon Charming House is surrounded by streets, belvederes, alleys and stairways that give Lisbon a special allure. A set of delights where fado, the best food, architecture, culture, commerce and, of course, nightlife, live together.

Dear Lisbon Guesthouses

In the heart of Lisbon, we were born out of affection. Out of the affection of a son who was inspired by his father’s travels to broaden his horizons. Out of the affection of a family for their city and for the many stories it has to tell. But, above all, out of the desire to share that affection with those who visit us.

At the Dear Lisbon guesthouses, we offer you a genuinely warm family welcome, where every detail is well thought out to make you feel at home. Where you’ll always find an honest smile.
Surrounded by comfort, joy and the best suggestions, you’ll be able to enjoy Lisbon as it deserves to be enjoyed.